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help you maximize your production returns by 
optimizing your natural gas wells!
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Gaspro is proudly providing multiple gas well and emission control solutions to its client for both sweet and sour applications using the engine or electric driven compressor packages.

Single Stage to 125 psi

12 BHP
20 BHP
35 BHP
40 BHP
70 BHP
80 BHP

2 Stage to 325 psi

15 BHP
20 BHP
25 BHP
30 BHP
40 BHP
80 BHP


Gaspro has been able to develop a low cost, low maintenance hydraulic compressor – an unconventional way of gas compression system. Gaspro hydraulic compressors are able to capture gas at a very low flow rate eliminating the need of venting or flaring and improving well economics and efficiency. These compressors are equally good for meeting regulatory compliance and have a very small footprint.


Gaspro casing gas compression packages are used for individual well optimization. Over a period of time, the pressure in the gas well head becomes high enough that it stops flow of the gas from the bottom to the top of the well. In order to avoid this problem, Gaspro casing gas compressor takes the incoming gas from the well head, compress it and put it back into the high-pressure line. This releases the high pressure building at the top of the well, allowing easy movement of gas from the bottom to the top, resulting in improving well economics.


Vapor recovery units (VRUs) are required for capturing fugitive emissions and vented or flared gas. Gaspro Compression provides a simple solution to these emissions and vented gases by applying a closed loop system without the need of having costly emission study. Gaspro VRUs can be used at any application including tanks where methane gas is coming off in small amounts. We capture these trace amount of gases, compress it and put it back into the gas pipeline which increase profitability and reduce methane (and GHG) emissions making it a more sustainable solution.


Gaspro BTEX VRU provides a solution to the system where Benzene emissions are a concern. Typically, Glycol dehydrators are required to capture small amounts of BTEX, Greenhouse gases (GHGs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in order to meet the regulatory requirement. Our BTEX VRUs capture emissions from still-column of the glycol dehydrator, condense it to collect all the water droplets and passes the separated gas into the compressor. Gaspro BTEX VRU applies a closed loop system which is an approved technological solution by regulatory bodies, providing a 100% efficient system without the need of further study requirement.


Gaspro condenser boxes are required where temperature control and extraction of free liquid is important. They are applied after the Glycol dehydration facility along with a separator or where liquid content is high, to avoid any liquid reaching into the compressor. These are also used for cooling the gas stream for multi-purpose application.


Gas Pro booster compressors are used where natural gas is required to move at a distant location. The gas is first compressed to a high pressure and is then allowed to move into a high-pressure gas line. Because of this compression, gas moves from a high-pressure location to a low pressure distant location.

For more information on our compressor packages and a suitable compressor for your application, please send us your request at Email:  clint.praski@gaspro.ca

loading a gapro package with machinery Inside a gaspro unit photo of the outside of a gaspro unit inside a gapro Vapor Recovery Unit oilwell with a gaspro VRU installed a panel inside a gaspro VRU equipment working on a gaspro VRU

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