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help you maximize your production returns by 
optimizing your natural gas wells!
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Gaspro Compression specializes in low power compressor packages which comply with current industry standards by applying high end engineering approach to meet the client’s requirement. Gaspro Compression is proud to be in the oil and gas industry since 2004 providing customized solutions for optimization of individual oil wells.

Gaspro Compression includes a wide range of purchasing options to our clients including rental, rent to purchase and complete purchase. Our rental option provides short term solution to all our clients who are looking for quick profit over the next few months. The rent-to-purchase option provides them with a cost benefit performance review of our compressor package before purchasing the compressor.


At GASPRO, through pride, hard work and dedication, we strive to provide dependable products and offer prompt, same-day service to all our clients.

We are a focused team which is committed to the design and supply of a product that will dramatically increase your revenue with the most cost-effective packages available.


  • Operator designed, and Engineer certified – makes it easy to operate without any hassle or complex procedure to start up.
  • Quiet and fully noise attenuated packages – meets the industrial standard without causing any disturbance for the surrounding area.
  • Fuel efficient engine driven compressor packages.
  • Energy efficient VFD supported electric driven compressor package.
  • Available with Single and Two stage compressor packages.
  • Can compress gas from 1 Psi suction to 400 Psi discharge pressure.
  • Build for individual well flow parameters from 1 e3m3/day to 70 e3m3/day.
  • Available with certified mechanical field service programs.

  • Casing Gas Compression packages for improving gas flow rate from the well
  • Vapor Recovery (VRU) compression packages for fugitive methane emission control
  • Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl-Benzene and Xylene (BTEX) Vapor Recovery units for emission control and environmental compliance
  • Booster compression for moving the gas to a distant location through high pressure pipeline
  • Cooler box / Condenser packages for different gas-liquid separation application
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