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help you maximize your production returns by 
optimizing your natural gas wells!
Box 24
227-17th Ave East,
Three Hills, AB,

Gaspro Compression Corp. is located in Three Hills, AB, just one hour northeast from Calgary and an hour southeast of Red Deer. Since 2004, Gaspro has been developing dependable, low maintenance and user friendly compressor packages that surpass industry standards. All our packages are engineered for extended, cost efficient operation and we are continually improving and innovating our products to keep up with the ever changing industry demands


Gaspro specializes in building single and two stage compressor packages from 1 psi suction to 400 psi discharge. Our packages can be gas or electric driven and are customized to suit individual flow and service (sweet or sour) parameters.

Oil well optimization: Our packages lower the formation pressure by compressing the casing gas at the surface thus increasing daily production.

Flared/ Vented APG recovery: We target the capture of Associated petroleum gases (APG) on oil wells that would otherwise have been vented or flared into the atmosphere.

Gas well compressors: Gaspro compressors are used to boost the gas from low pressure formations (e.g. coal bed methane, low pressure gas wells etc.) into existing pipelines.


We also provide vapor recovery units (VRUs) for environmental compliance on storage tanks. Units can be custom engineered based on application


Our BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene) emission reduction units are a simple and economical solution to reduce BTEX emissions from glycol regenerators on natural gas dehydration facilities.

All our packages are available to purchase, rent-to-purchase and rent – whichever best suits the client. Our team of qualified service technicians ensure that the units operate at optimum conditions and last longer.

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